Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From Anna by Jean Little

Title: From Anna
Author: Jean Little
Length: 205 pages

The Story

Anna doesn't fit in with her family, or at school. She's clumsy, can't read, and can't knit or do other household chores. Her siblings nickname her Awkward Anna, and her teachers constantly scold her. The story begins in Germany, just before World War II, and the Solden family is worried about the changes happening to their country. When the opportunity arises, the family moves to Toronto.

When the Soldens arrive in Canada, Anna soon learns the reason for her clumsiness, and with the help of a friendly doctor, a caring teacher, and great new friends, she begins to learn that she can have a better life than she'd ever imagined.

My Thoughts

I couldn't put this book down, and read it in a single day. I felt so sad for Anna right from the beginning, and then so happy for her as her life improved. This is a really heartwarming story. It has a main character who has a disability, and addresses the issue of bullying.

From Anna is a middle grade novel, so it's aimed at ages 8-12. However, the story is a good one for any age group.

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