Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Chickenhare by Chris Grine

Title: Chickenhare
Author: Chris Grine
Length: 157 pages

The Story

Chickenhare is a rare animal with the ears and body of a rabbit and the feathers and legs of a chicken. He and his friend, a bearded turtle named Abe, are captured and sold to a crazy taxidermist named Klaus, who wants to stuff them. Chickenhare and Abe, with the help of their new friends Banjo and Meg, have to escape to avoid being stuffed. Along the way, they meet the Shromph, strange creatures who live in caves, and the ghost of a goat named Mr. Buttons, whose spirit can't rest until she's stopped Klaus once and for all.

My Thoughts

Chickenhare's story is a fun adventure with interesting characters. You'll be cheering for Chickenhare and Abe as they use their wits to escape from the evil Klaus, and Banjo and Meg will keep you guessing with their mysterious identities.

This book is a great introduction to graphic novels, since the text and pictures are easy to follow. It would be enjoyed by pre-teen (tween) readers, and maybe readers a bit younger than that. Scholastic rates it for ages 9-12.

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